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All billheads have been recently professionally framed with acid free boarders, backing and TrueGuard protective glass.  All have been examined by an expert for authenticity prior to framing.   I  guarantee all billheads to be original.  










BraunBill118741.jpg (687957 bytes)

Stoneware Billhead from the C.W. Braun Stoneware Factory Buffalo, New York. The billhead is  dated May 23 1874, made out to H. J. Foster & Co, excellent condition without tears or staining.  Some normal creases due to being folded. Approximate billhead size 15" x 8 1/2".  $375


HackstonBillhead1.jpg (687571 bytes)

Stoneware Billhead from the Haxstun $ Ottman Stoneware Factory Fort Edward, New York. The billhead is dated May 14 1872, made out to W. H Waid, good condition with very small  piece missing from lower right corner and creases due to folding. Approximate size of billhead 13" x 8".   $325


Portland1.jpg (610922 bytes)

Stoneware Billhead from Portland Stoneware Factory, Portland, Maine. The billhead is unused with the pre printed date of 186_.  Some creases from folding but otherwise very good condition. Approximate size of billhead 12" x 8".   $300 


chart.jpg (1967312 bytes)


Stoneware Billhead from the Charles Hart and Son Stoneware Factory, Sherburne New York. The billhead is dated Otego Dec 10 1867,  Cook & Bothbone. Some crease due to folding and staining  in the upper and lower right corners, otherwise good condition. This billhead is a little more unusual than most with printing in light blue.  Approximate size of billhead 12" x 8".  $325 





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